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Six years ago we posted this Special feature
to Celebrate this 36th year Milestone.
To See & Read about these 2 Historical Events of
Salsa in 1975 (as they appeared in Latin NY Magazine),
Click on the link or image below.

May 4, 1975
The Latin NY Music Awards
The Historical Event that Ignited the World-Wide Salsa Explosion.

May 5, 1975
Latin Music is Finally Recognized by the Grammy Awards

Read the Full & Fascinating Photo illustrated Story of The Latin NY Music Awards
just as it appeared in the pages of Latin NY Magazine 36 years ago.
The Winners, What happened that evening and Who was there, the Surprise Appearance of
Stevie Wonder, Opening Speech by Izzy Sanabria,
The Behind the Scenes Story and the world-wide Impact of the Music Awards and why after 17 years, NARAS was Forced to Recognize Latin Music.

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