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Why Collectors are Important, & Needed in our culture
Collectors are important because they are like individual sattelite museums that help document and preserve our culture.

Since I sell vintage Salsa memorabilia through this website. I am in contact with collectors from all over th
e world. Most collect in specific types of items such as photos, posters or videos while others collect everything. One of my clients describes my photo collection as "Salsa Crack" or as he put it, "this is like crack to an addict". . . . And that is what die hard collectors are . . . Addicts!
I am also in contact with record album collectors that know more about my career as an album cover designer than I do. One guy, from California has over 10,000 LPs, every now and then sends me images with the question "Remember this one?"

I am a Cancer (born June 30), and Cancerians are known for never throwing anything away and driving our families crazy. We save everything. I started by saving copies of my album covers and posters artwork designs. Then when I started publishing Latin NY Magazine in 1973, I not only kept copies of all the issues, but all the photos as well as the original art (cartoons, illustrations, etc).

Collectors can become fanatics. It can start with one Barbie doll and escalate to collecting all of them or different kinds of dolls. It can be figurines of elephants, frogs or just about anything else. Personality and personal taste has a great deal to do with it. Of course, having money to spend is a Very Big plus.

In music, it usually begins with die hard fans of an artist. In the world of Salsa, Hector Lavoe has emerged as the most popular among fans. And most recently, there has been a whole new interest in La Lupe (video clips and photos are rare). But to the true
collector, it is knowing that they own a piece of history. I am envied and respected by a lot of collectors because I own such a vast multi-media slice of Salsa history. A collection that I hope one day will be part of a museum, or better yet . . . A Salsa Museum. A place where people can come to do research or just to view and enjoy the collection. In the meantime, I will keep bringing parts of my collection to people via this website and by Selling Hi-Quality reproductions of my posters and photos, etc.

And Remember folks keep collecting pieces of our music and cultural heritage to share with your kids and grandchildren.

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THIS FOTO-POSTER is NOW AVAILABLE in sizes 8.5" x 11" or 18" x 24 inches
(Mini-Poster is Just $10. The Custom Made 18 x 24 Poster is $60)

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Two (2) of These 18 x 24 inch Posters Available Now!
This b/w version of the Fania All-Stars (18" x 24") Poster is Available Immediately
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FAnia All-Stars Photo Montage Poster (1994)
This photo Montage designed by Izzy Sanabria in 1994 is available as 8.5" x 11"
Poster for $20 or as an 18" x 24" inch Custom Printed high gloss poster for $60

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Original 1975 Latin NY Music Awards Trophy Medallion
This Original Medallion was attached to Trophies presented to Winners at
The Latin NY Magazine Music Awards Ceremonies in 1975. (Only Two of these in existence)
The Big Mistake: IRIS "CHACON" Flyer 1977
The mistake in Chacons name (CHACHON) Flyers were thrown out, (Only 3 in existence)

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